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We've got multiple sessions you can easily book. We've provided links below to the session types we offer. Just click the link, select a date and time that suits you, cough up some cash, and we'll see each other soon.

Meet & Greet - 15 minutes

$0 (Free)

If you're looking to have a quick chat to discuss your needs, then this is the option for you. We can discuss your assignment, your learning objectives, some code you're striuggling with, and more.

Tutoring - 1 Hour - RUSH SERVICE

Only $75 per session

Need tuition quick because you left your assignment until the last minute? Want to talk to someone now?? Good job you came to us. We only charge an extra 25% on top of our normal fee for a same day, sometimes same hour availability. Book quickly.

Tutoring - 1 Hour

Only $50 per session

A simple one-hour session via Zoom. Perfect for quickly solving well defined problems that just need a professional's opinion and expertise.

Tutoring - 2 Hours

Only $100 ($50 per session)

Use a two-hour session for bigger, harder problems, or problems that aren't well defined. These types of sessions usually require more time.

Group Assignment - 2 Hours

$150 ($75/hour)

If you've got a group assignment and you want to nail it, then we can provide a tutor who can work with your whole group to help achieve that goal.

(There is a maximum limit of five (5) students per meeting and ideally, a minimum of two (2). Anything more or less would be inefficient. Zoom recording is available if you need it.)

Need something else?

If none of the above options are what you're looking for, then just reach out to us at hello@upload.academy and we can try to create a more bespoke offering that meets your requirements.

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We're super thrilled you've chosen us and we'll speak to you soon :-)

(if you have any issues in the mean time, just reach out at hello@upload.academy)